Pinecrest Friends

Pinecrest isn't broken. It doesn't need fixing.


Pinecrest has flourished for 25+ years. Property values are at an all-time high. Our parks, amenities and small-town charm make us one of the most sought-after communities in South Florida. 

But a small group of residents wants to put all that at risk. 


They claim that Pinecrest is broken. They propose dramatic changes to our Village Charter that would make it impossible to get things done. Complete gridlock. 

In fact, there is no basis for this sweeping amendment.


The Village Council unanimously voted to maintain the building height on U.S. 1 to 4 stories.


And the people already have a right to vote on zoning changes if a future council changes that. It’s in our charter, Article 5, Section 5. 2.

Ballots have been mailed requesting your vote on this misguided proposal to require supermajority voter approval for zoning changes. 

Along with all three former Mayors of Pinecrest Evelyn Greer, Gary Matzner and Cindy Lerner, we urge you to vote NO before March 7.

Here are the 7 facts you need to know before voting:

MYTH: This vote is about whether the Village will allow high rises on U.S. 1. 

FACT: That issue has already been debated and put to rest. Our Village Council, including our Mayor, voted unanimously in December to keep building heights on U.S. 1 to four stories. There are no proposals before the Village for anything higher. This vote is about whether Pinecrest should drastically change the way it makes zoning decisions, and disrupt a system that has worked well for 27 years.

MYTH: We are powerless if a future council wants to allow high rises in Pinecrest.

FACT: If a future council did change building heights, we residents already have the right to vote to overturn a zoning change. It’s in our Charter, Article 5 Section 5.2. We can petition for a vote to overturn any Village ordinance we may not like by a simple majority.

The proposed amendment is a solution in search of a problem.

MYTH: The people will decide zoning issues if this passes.

FACT: A minority would decide - not the people. Under this charter amendment, 60% of voters would have to approve any zoning changes - meaning 40% of voters could torpedo an initiative. It’s undemocratic. 

MYTH: The proposed charter amendment would affect only major zoning changes related to overdevelopment.

FACT: The amendment language is so broad that it would require a Village-wide vote on all sorts of routine, uncontroversial changes to our zoning code and land use regulations. We'd be in a constant state of elections, voting 5 - 10 times a year on things like how far apart to place fire hydrants and how to regulate electric vehicle charging stations. Pinecrest Staff released a list of ordinances that would have been affected by this charter amendment. See the full list.

MYTH: Voting yes and adopting this amendment would decrease congestion and traffic.

FACT: This claim has no basis in reality. Pinecrest has maintained the same population, and the same basic number of housing units, for the past decade. The truth is, the neighborhoods and cities south of us are growing. We are contending with that traffic. This amendment can’t change that.

MYTH: A similar provision is working well in Key Biscayne.

FACT: Key Biscayne’s zoning code is frozen in time, with the Village Council unable to make the updates it needs to prevent flooding and stormwater runoff. Their amendment was designed to limit growth, but Key Biscayne’s population has grown 48.7% since its charter amendment passed. Pinecrest’s population stayed the same since 2007. 


Preserve Pinecrest. Vote NO by March 7.

What Others Are Saying

 "If it ain't broke, don't break it. Pinecrest has been a model city for 25 years, don't give up our zoning control."

Founding Pinecrest Mayor Evelyn Greer

 "Pinecrest has been a model of responsible government  for 25 years. Don’t trade our success for special interest-run elections with no disclosures of the money trail. If it ain’t broke, don’t break it”

Former Pinecrest Mayor Gary Matzner

 "Reject this very bad, no good idea. Zoning by referendum is no way to run the Village of Pinecrest.” 

Grant Miller, Community Newspapers

 "Government by referendum means dysfunctional government which means lower property values."

Former Pinecrest Councilmember Jim McDonald

"To hamstring our zoning code is misguided. Some changes are always needed to fine-tune what is going on in our society. We have representative government. It works. 

Gary P. Simon, Pinecrest Resident

"Amending our Charter, our constitution, and changing the entire system by which our mayor and council members make decisions, is not the way to make change.  Rather, it would create chaos and prevent many things from being accomplished."

Hazel Goldman, Pinecrest Resident

“As Chair of the  Pinecrest Parkway Citizens’ Committee this past year, I saw first hand how our good, open government works.  The fundamentals of our government secure a fair, open and honest method to find solutions.  There is absolutely no need for this referendum.”

John Medina, Architect; Chair, Pinecrest Parkway Citizens’ Committee

Who are we? We are your friends and neighbors in Pinecrest.  Every mayor who has led this Village opposes this charter change and asks you to vote NO! 

Ask those of us below why we are against this drastic change.

Former Miami-Dade County Manager Merrett R. Stierheim

Former Councilmember Cheri Ball

Founding Councilmember Cindie Blanck

Founding Mayor Evelyn Greer

Former Mayor Cindy Lerner

Former Mayor Gary Matzner

Former Councilmember James McDonald

Former County Commissioner Katy Sorenson

Dar Airan

Lalita Airan

Carly Alarcon

Rabbi Jeremy Barras

Frank Sioli

Daniel Enekes

John Faust

Evan Goldman

Hazel Goldman

Gerald Greenberg

Maya Greenberg

Joe Jimenez and Lisa Palomino

Ellen G. Kaplan

Melanie L. Krakower

Ken Murray

Richard Muñoz

Patricia Muñoz

Keri Andrews

Linda Ashby

Glenn Ashby

Darra Levy

Spence Levy

Maximilian Deitermann

Spencer Morgan

Maria Morgan

Brian Gitlin

Lisa Gitlin

Barry Blum

Dr. Lori Blum

Jennifer Jacobus

Davis Mishael

Elyse Targ

Robert Targ

Elizabeth Baron

Greg Glasser

Alissa Glasser

Allison Insley-Madsen

Eric Madsen

Chris Cosner

Maria Caridad Hiers

Maria Levrant

Marika Lynch

Mona Markus

David Markus

Greg Martini

Jerry Mashburn

Veronica Matzner

Lee and Nissa Mesnekoff

Ethan Shapiro

Amy Shapiro

Lois Marks

Stephen Lipof

Emma Pacetti

Judson Cohen

Dr. Carlos Wolf

Jamie Perez

Ernesto Perez

Skip Pita

Beth Joseph

Seth Joseph

Audrey Phillips

Mitchell Phillips

Jean Pollock

Ken Pollock

Jen Ringel

Sandy Levy

Barbara Levy

Maria-Teresa Lopez

Bill Sussman

Barbara Sussman

Edward Freeman

Seth Diamond

Jill Diamond

Ariel Meyer

Daniela Rosa

Tamie Seijas

John Kozyak

Rebecca Holljes

Lourdes Alfonso

Edward Schmidt

John Medina

Sue Medina

Rebecca Ramos

Lars Ljoen

Mariana Ljoen

Ricardo Gonzalez

Harold "Ed" Patricoff

Steven Beiley

Edward Montoya

Juan Mora

Harris Goldberg

Lisa Esserman

Jason Timmons

Maria Corina Vegas

Adrian Villaraos

Riva Steinman

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Blake Drew

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